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To seize the market opportunity and space brought about by the strategic rise of China's Massive Health;

To listen to the voice of regulators and to understand the development trend of mHealth industry;

To learn about the latest progress of industry-related technology R&D and standards establishment;

To explore the development and investment prospects of the emerging mHealth application field;

To discuss project finance within the industry and the optimal business mode;

To participate in 20 theme symposiums to discuss the forefront topics of the industry;

To show the uniqueness of your brand in front of 500 distinguished participants and more than 200 organizations;

To have an excellent business development opportunity and to transfer the most accurate and direct information about the products and technology to the target customers within the industry;

To communicate with industry experts face to face and to build an international network of interpersonal connections;

To be counted in the complete official business directory of the expo;

To make real industry achievements simultaneously via the dual-platforms of the conference and the expo;

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* The opportunities and challenges facing China's mHealth in the background of the New Medical Reform;
* The bottlenecks and countermeasures of China's mHealth's development;
* The new opportunities created by the trends of industry cross-boundary development, integration and innovation;
* On the development of mHealth from future hospitals;
* Big data + medical services allow WIT120 to bring benefits to patients;
* Capital-chased online medical diagnosis;
* New business opportunities of telemedicine in an era of medical treatment combinations;
* How do Internet +medical services change medical treatment?
* Wearable devices healthcare business trends and innovation in the business model of intelligent hardware;
* Interpretation, acquisition and analysis of medical big data;
* Disputes, supervision and breakthroughs in mHealth and medical safety;
* The latest practices of mHealth projects at all levels;
* Insurance promotes the development of mHealth;
* Mobile health APP investment opportunities.

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Supporting Organizations

The telemedicine association (ATA)

The GSM association,

The asia-pacific association of medical technology

The Japanese association for medical devices

The China association for medical devices industry

The national health information alliance(CHISC)

Beijing union medical informatization

Shanghai association for the advancement of health industry development

Shanghai information service industry association

Shanghai iot industry association

China mobile,

China telecom

China unicom (Hong Kong) LTD



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